Bring It Home supporters must show policymakers in New York State that this effort matters to you, your family, your friends, & your community. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing your support for the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, and “tagging” Governor Cuomo so he and his staff can see it!

And it’s SO easy to do! Just follow these steps:

Bring It Home Collage 2.jpg
  1. Right click the Bring It Home graphics below to download them to your phone, tablet, or computer.

  2. Print out one or both of the graphics and take a photo with it at any significant landmark in your local area, your place of work, in your neighborhood, etc.

  3. Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – but make sure to tag Governor Cuomo AND the Bring It Home campaign! Each tweet should include these handles: @NYGovCuomo and @BringItHomeNYS. Add your location (city/county/town, etc.) as well!

    Below are some sample tweets/posts that you can use
    with the photo you took for social media:

  • (your location) supports @BringitHomeNYS! @NYGovCuomo #bringithomeNYS & adequately fund community mental health housing!

  • NY is US leader in caring for ppl w/psychiatric disabilities @NYGovCuomo #BringItHomeNYS & fund our community-based housing providers! @BringItHomeNYS

  • Community-based mental health housing w/built-in supports changed our life. @NYGovCuomo please adequately fund our services! @BringItHomeNYS

  • Consistent care is critical & New Yorkers w/mental illness depend on it. @NYGovCuomo@BringItHomeNYS
    Every NYer deserves a stable home w/strong supports. @NYGovCuomo our most vulnerable NYers need adequate funding @BringItHomeNYS

  • NYers w/mental illness need stable care. Please @NYGovCuomo fund #BringItHome & reunite them to their family’s sooner @BringItHomeNYS

  • We must protect our most vulnerable. @NYGovCuomo our neighbors w/mental illness need your full support. @BringItHomeNYS

AND don’t forget to follow Bring It Home on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram!