Bring It Home: Better Funding for Better Care

Call for Increased Financial Support of New York's Mental Health Housing Programs

Our Coalition

Bring it Home is a coalition of community-based supportive housing providers, mental health advocates, faith leaders, and consumers and their families, urging New York State to adequately fund community-based housing programs for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Full recovery and community reintegration depends on stable housing opportunities. Through education and advocacy, Bring it Home is working to bring better funding for better care to New York. 

“Integration works so much better than institutionalization, we know that. We also  know that institutionalization is very expensive.”

— Ralph Fasano, President of the Association for Community Living

Our Mission

Living in the community serves both the taxpayer and those with serious psychiatric disabilities. But there is a shortfall in the State's proposed budget for this type of community housing.  Our mission is to raise awareness, get supporters actively involved and make sure that the 2018 budget includes not only adequate funding, but funding allocated towards the right efforts. Sign-On to Support Bring It Home!

40% - 94%

less expensive to use community housing vs state psychiatric institutions, other hospitals, jails and prisons; PLUS it’s the law!

40% - 70%

of funding in New York State mental health housing is lost to inflation.


Mental health units in jeopardy.

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Get Involved

Our goal is have 1,000 organizations on our Supporter's List.  Sign up, get involved, write letters, make phone calls, tweet and re-tweet on Twitter, post to Facebook, etc. Watch this website for tools that you will be able to use. 

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